Your CRM is up. Let it show you what’s happening in your world!

Add a personalized dashboard and make it your home page when you login. Manager, staff, and agents can use the dashboard to gain visibility into their day-to-day operations. Which areas require immediate attention?

In a single screen, check the content of selected views (queues), quickly access the records you are following and/or review the most important reports.



How to Activate?

Activating your dashboard in your security profile is easy.

From within the admin user interface, go to: Setup >> Security Profile >> Preferences >> Check DynamicDashboard

(Note: If you do not see DynamicDashboard in the Preferences section,  send us an email and we will activate it for your site.)

How to Create a New Dashboard?

After you activate you need to create a new dashboard.

From within the admin user interface, go to >> Goto Menu (top right) >> select Dynamic Dashboard >>  Create

In your dashboard, you can display any system views or custom views that you have access to. You can also view pie charts, reports, or even add your favourite RSS feed.

The dashboard could be shared or simply set for your eyes only. For more help , click here.

Now that you have created your personalized Dashboard, you can focus on the most important tasks: servicing your customers and improving productivity and accountability.