Getting Started





Implementation and Training

Let us do the job for you. We will take the time to understand your requirements and configure the platform for your specific needs.

Do you have access to configure or make changes? Absolutely. CustomAnswers’ open architecture lets you make all the changes you want.

Unlimited training and support is available without additional costs.

Ok so where is the catch? There is none. No fine prints, no hidden fees.

User Interface Configuration

Our multiple portal configuration allows you to create as many user interfaces as you need for the different audiences you support or manage.

On Desktop, Ipad or phone, the look and feel of the support pages will exactly match your website.

Agent interface is also configurable and based on security profile and access rights.

Start small but think big!

Keep it simple. Use the flexibility of the platform to get started with simple concepts and let it grow within your organization.

Understand that CustomAnswers will be able to respond to your growing and future needs to simplify and streamline your business processes.

Bottom line, take less time to do your job!

Ask for a personalized demo or a trial site to play with.

Let us configure it for you.