Modules & Features

Build your own CRM Solution.

search-articles KNOWLEDGE BASE

FAQ, Articles public or private. Extensive search capabilities. Popularity ranking. Quickly and  publish new articles to multiple interfaces

request REQUESTS

Create multiple request types using custom data fields. Set up workflow and start tracking tasks and assigned activities.

contacts CONTACTS

Managed contacts, accounts and organizations. Attach files, notes and review contact history.

multiple-web-interface MULTIPLE WEB INTERFACE

Create an exclusive design into your existing website or intranet. Mobile friendly. 100% custom design.

multiple-languages MULTIPLE LANGUAGES

Dynamic localization.

code-bylaw-enforcement CODE AND BYLAW ENFORCEMENT

Manage fines and bylaws. Create notifications and warnings automatically.

web-services FOIA REQUESTS

Respond to FOIA requests. Billing tasks.


Directory or repertoire of services, classes, teams, projects, events to register to.

calendar CALENDAR

Calendar of events.

message-center MESSAGE CENTER

Send mass emails, create email lists, organize email campaigns.

online-chat ONLINE CHAT

Proactive integrated Chat. Ties in with Knowledge base and request tracking.


Send, route, assign, forward, and filter all emails.

survey SURVEY

Satisfaction surveys.

asset-management ASSET MANAGEMENT

Track assets.

statistics REPORTING

System and custom reports. Trends and Analytics.

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