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FOI Process Management

Is your FOI process compliant, transparent, consistent and accountable?

At FOIP Software, we help you simplify the resolution of your citizens’ requests. The FOI process is very regulated and need to follow strict guidelines. Regardless of volume, the process could be extremely complex. Tasks need to be monitored and tracked with precision and method. Our FOI Solution gives you the technology to achieve higher transparency and compliance.

Our tracking platform will help you capture, process, release and report all incoming requests for information. The process is systematic, sustainable and reliable. It will provide your organization with a compliant tool that meets all the requirements to process efficiently repetitive citizen’s requests.

  • Comprehensive Web Public Records Request Portal
  • Manage, Review and Improve Processes
  • Capture time, fees and payments
  • Auto Redact

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311 Citizen Service Center

Is it time to improve the efficiency of your 3-1-1 Services?

At FOIP Software, we help you communicate efficiently with your citizens. Their concerns are important and you want to give them the best possible service. Responding efficiently and consistently while lowering your cost of operations is the best way to put your citizens’ dollars at work.

Our multi-lingual 311 Citizen Center helps hundreds of cities and government agencies to manage all citizens’ interaction across multiple communication channels.

Very intuitive for your agent and extremely flexible, our 3-1-1 Citizens Service Center features:
• Proactive technology to auto answer, deflect and merge repetitive requests
• Customizable workflow to meet your specific business processes
• Integration with GIS and Internal Public Works software
• Social Archive and Monitoring

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Non Emergency Reporting System for Law Enforcement Agencies.

CustomAnswers NERS helps law enforcement agencies allocate officers and resources effectively. NERS also allows the public to stay up-to-date on local crime information while being able to communicate crime tips back to law enforcement officials

  • Branded Web & Mobile Portal
  • Non-Emergency Crime Reporting
  • Streamline Processing
  • Citizen Self-Service
  • Proactive Notifications

Tracks Code Violations, Licenses, Permits, and Planning & Zoning Applications

CustomAnswers  Bylaw, Permits and City Works Platform offers a web-based system that easily tracks Bylaws violations, licenses, permits and planning & zoning applications. The platform has the ability to turn many manual procedures into automated processes such as contractor license tracking, automatic fee calculation, form and letter generation, inspection “to-do” lists and reminders, and total custom report creation. Additionally, citizens and contractors can submit applications electronically, communicate with the city and view the schedule and status of inspections, as well as outstanding fees.

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