Knowledge base  
Control private/public/group access to FAQs accept
HTML editor – Image, links, videos upload accept
Add attachments accept
Add related answers accept
Force to Top accept
Displays Top 10 Answers accept
Subscribe/Unsubscribe to answers edit notification accept
Multiple Interface accept
Intelligent search and ranking technology accept
Soundex and keyword mapping to handle typos and similar words accept
Define start date and expiration dates for Answers accept
Segment the knowledgebase for public and private data accept
Customers and Accounts  
Add custom fields accept
Account hierarchy accept
Role and profile access accept
Action Rules accept
Private portal accept
Staff and administrators  
Security profile accept
Restrictions by departments, by request type etc. accept
Impersonate accept
Customizable User Interface accept
Request Module  
Unlimited sets of Web Forms accept
Add Custom Fields in Web Forms accept
Auto Responder and Email templates accept
PDF Form Builder / Work Order / Letter Generation accept
Library of prepared responses accept
Workflow Rules accept
Time based rules accept
Event based rules accept
Answer Suggestion accept
Request deflections – Duplicates accept
SLA Management accept
Child request, tasks, activities accept
Create from phone, email monitoring, chat sessions accept
Email workflow accept
Web Portal  
Page responsive accept
Full HTML and CSS design accept
Themes accept
Business Directory  
Content management system  accept
Reporting & Analytics  
Preset Reports accept
Report Wizard accept
Report Scheduler accept
API and WebServices  

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