The right to privacy is a basic human right and the reasonable expectation of every human. And, it is the responsibility of the state government to protect this right and take the required action if there is any privacy breach. Today, we are going to talk about a policy that gives the citizens of Canada the right to access public information from the government as well as protect their personal information. Come; let us see how the local government can make this policy a super hit in practice. The policy, we are referring to here is, FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).
For government agencies, addressing privacy complaints on time, staying connected to the Canadian citizens, keeping the public up-to-date on local crime data and tracking law violations, licenses & permits have become some of the constant challenges across Canada. Delayed or incomplete responses create frustration amongst the citizens who have requested information from public bodies. On the other hand, in an automated technological world that moves at an unprecedented rate, attending paper requests for FOI (Freedom of Information) has become manually tiring.
In order to tackle the problems of mismanagement of FOIP requests & information, we have designed FOIP software to help the government agencies or local public bodies promote and defend freedom of information and privacy rights in Canada.


Managing FOI requests


With proven knowledge base, rules engine, workflow & payment technologies, Public Records (FOI) Request Management System will work across all departments in your organization to maintain Public Records compliance, save resources and collect fees 24/7. This system aims to help your organization fulfill FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) requests on time, every time for citizens.

It’s time to meet your deadlines, automatically generate custom reports, merge duplicate requests, offer Canadian citizens 24/7 access and status updates & much much more!


Proactive Citizen Service starts here!


Citizen Request Management (CRM) platform offers proactive, auto-answer and auto action technologies to help call centers manage all citizen interactions across multiple communication channels while keeping stakeholders informed 24/7. Get FOIP requests streamlined despite how they are received (phone call, fax, letter, email or e-form).


With this leading web and mobile citizen service platform on hand, our aim is to empower call center CSR’s (customizing work by department) and encourage citizen self-service (finding filtered information, submitting requests and following announcement updates).

Cheers to a new beginning with Non-Emergency Reporting System that keeps the public updated!

We provide law enforcement agencies, Non-Emergency Reporting System, to allocate officers and resources effectively; and allow the public to stay up-to-date on local crime information while being able to communicate crime tips back to law enforcement officials.


This system makes filing non-emergency reports simpler 24/7, delivers electronic reports to citizens for insurance claims, auto-routes, escalates, tracks, distributes, logs, and manages requests, enables centralized management, offers proactive notifications to citizens, permits multi-level securities within departments, tracks crime trends through reports & much more.


The latest way to automate FOIP processes is right here!

We help municipalities and governments’ agencies manage their work with Bylaw, Permits and City Works Platform. The platform is customized to meet your particular business process needs including government permitting, building inspections, code enforcement functions, licensing, planning and zoning.


Simply streamline and automate processes, manage, review and improve processes, get status portals created for citizens and contractors, stay informed and keep the Canadian citizens informed, and deploy a secure data system with Bylaw, Permits and City Works Platform.


So, what are you waiting for? Embrace FOIP software today to get a great grasp on FOIP requests and data! Making a privacy complaint just got easier in Canada.


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